Haitian American Community through advocacy and political action

Empowering the Haitian American Community through advocacy and political action

The Haitian American Political Action Committee (HAPAC) is dedicated to empowering the Haitian American community and amplifying our voices in the political sphere. We strive to foster civic engagement, promote awareness of issues affecting our community, and advocate for policies that advance our collective interests and uphold our values.


Our Voice

The Haitian American community is resilient, woven into this nation. Entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, leaders - united by heritage and drive. HAPAC amplifies our voice, ensuring concerns are represented.

Empowering Action

Empowerment demands action. HAPAC mobilizes our community, fosters engagement, advocates for uplifting policies. Together, we shape the future envisioned for ourselves and next generations.

Unity in Diversity

Strength lies in unity, aligning with shared values. HAPAC forges collaborations across all sectors of our community.  Building bridges enables amplifying impact, driving lasting change.


HAPAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the Haitian American community through political advocacy and action.

Welcomes all individuals who support our mission and objectives, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background.

HAPAC engages in various activities, organizing voter registration drives, and raising awareness about issues affecting the Haitian American community.

HAPAC organizes educational programs, workshops, and mentorship initiatives to encourage civic participation, leadership development, and understanding of the political process.


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